Lugol or Iodine – Dr. Clark Iodine Solution


Dr. Clark Iodine Solution – Bottle of 30 milliliters.

Lugol or Iodine Solution Dr. Clark



For purely documentary purposes (and not in the sense of therapeutic claims for this product):

Main generally recognized properties of Iodine (There are many others, find out!):

Fluidifies the blood and activates the circulation.

Antidote of mercury and lead.

Antiseptic very powerful and antiputrid.

Antipoison: miasmatic poisonings, neutralizing action against venoms and against curare, strychinin and other poisons.

Epidemic diseases, even to viruses.

Respiratory diseases.

Stop all the putrid fermentations, all putrefactions, purify the pu.

Helps repair the bone system.

Antiscalular (tuberculosis, even bone).

12 drops of Lugol solution are recommended against salmonella.

Could intervene as preventive agent and curative of certain diseases.

Lugol is a component of the Dr. Clark Intestinal Program.

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